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Meet Tara Hayes!

book bazaar featured author Nov 18, 2022

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Tell us about your books! What do you love to write about?

Both of my books are self-help and mental health focused. From Irrational to Rational: 15 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety, and Panic to Picnic: How to Find Your Own Personal Path To Peace of Mind, detail my experience with anxiety from adolescence to adulthood and natural ways to heal from it. Both books focus on developing a positive mindset as well as a healthy self-love, self-care, and journaling routine.  I love writing about mental health/health because it is the foundation of every being.  Health is wealth.  Happiness and joy in life is hard to achieve without our health. Many people take their health for granted and do not prioritize it. We should always start putting ourselves first as well as our health. 


What inspired you to get started as an author?

If I am being 100% honest, I originally became an author to make passive income online. Once I saw impact and the reviews from people reading my books, I knew it was bigger than me just making an income. I was helping others in a positive way who thought they were alone in their anxiety experience.  I’ve shared my anxious thoughts that readers were able to connect with because they thought only they had such thoughts. It is through my books that these readers had the courage to share with me their own anxiety struggle.  


What are your favorite books to read?

Full transparency again. I am not an avid reader. I would prefer to listen to an audiobook than to read.  I’ve enjoyed a couple of Romance Novels. I really enjoyed Behind the Canvas by Author Stefanie Stratton and 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. From what I read of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets I really enjoyed it as it gives many tips to succeed in Business. In the Self-Help Category, I enjoyed Panic Away by Barry McDonaugh and You 1, Anxiety 0 by Jodi Aman.  


For shoppers holiday shopping for their loved ones, tell us who are your book(s) for?

My books are for those who are ready to stop wasting their time with obsessive overthinking, paralyzing procrastination and fear-fed frazzled feelings.  Shortcut your path to successfully stopping the cycle of anxiety, worry and fear.


What’s the message you want to get out to people this Holiday Season?

The message that I want to give out this holiday season is to always choose self-love. Self-love and Self-care can be difficult if you are not happy with yourself.  Start doing things that will make you feel proud of yourself.  Keep doing one thing that you love everyday. Show up for yourself and work on your mindset.  Get out of your comfort zone.  In the process be kind to yourself. There will be both good and bad days.  Once you are proud of you, you will learn to love you. 


Where can we find you online?

I can be found on Facebook, Tara Hayes, Author and Instagram, tara_martina_. 

I’ve included both links below!




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