Meet Shellie Morales

Meet Shellie Morales!

book bazaar featured author Nov 25, 2022

Come meet Shellie Morales and browse their books at our Online Holiday Book Bazaar November 1st-30th 2022! Click here to check it out!


Tell us about your books!

Love First, Me, Myself, and I is a manifestation journal/workbook the guides you in daily practices of, breath, work, gratitude, reflections, and to manifest your dream life a living in the present.


What do you love to write about?

Impactful and relatable things that guide in positive transformation in a holistic style.


What inspired you to get started as an author?

Longer than I can remember I’ve had the desire to write a memoir. Then I discovered Kyle Cease. When I read in his book “ I Hope I Screw This Up” to write the book like no other eyes will ever see it. Then when it’s done decide  to publish it. (I started my memoir and will eventually finish it publish it.) Then I had surgery and was experiencing a tough recovery. To be honest it was HELL for me. I was sitting on the couch in so much pain. I kept hearing my higher self saying use your tools. I was frustrated and unable to be mobile. I started the breath-work I learned while in Costa Rica to sit in ceremony with Mama Aya (ayahuasca)(The breath-work that’s in my book). This is when I received the download to create a journal/workbook that had the tools I needed. This is how Love First, Me, Myself, and I was created and published. 


What are your favorite books to read?

My favorite books to read are ones about inner work, self-development, plant medicine, wealth consciousness, subconscious, and thrilling love stories.  


For shoppers holiday shopping for their loved ones, tell us who are your book(s) for?

Love First, Me, Myself, and I is for anyone that desires to bloom into the most beautiful, ethereal authentic and divine self.


What's the message you want to get out to people this Holiday Season?

This holiday season be present in your life while being a beneficial present for yourself and others. 


Where can we find you online?

Sage: Mind Body and Soul

IG- sage_nv

IG- shellie_morales713

FB- sagenv

FB- Shellie Morales


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