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book bazaar featured author Nov 15, 2022

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Tell us about your books! What do you love to write about?

The journals that I have done so far are companion journals for studying the Bible. Journal prompts help the reader/journal-er to reflect before they write. We have so many answers inside of us and rarely take time to process and think. These journals help people reflect.

What inspired you to get started as an author?

I love to design and combine colors, images, and words. It seemed a natural next step. I also wanted to challenge people in their walk with God and to help them develop that more. I believe that each one of us have a destiny and a calling. Drawing closer to the Lord will help you find that. My journals are a way that I can reach more people without having to have direct contact with them.

What are your favorite books to read?

I like to read Christian novels, books teaching about heaven and a closer walk with God. I like to read books that help me understand how we think, learn, and can change our mindsets.

For shoppers holiday shopping for their loved ones, tell us who are your book(s) for?

My journals are for people who are familiar with the Bible and desire to develop their walk with God at a deeper level.

What’s the message you want to get out to people this Holiday Season?

Time is something we can leverage by how we spend it. Journaling is a gift to help us process and learn. You have a purpose and a destiny, and that is placed inside of you. When we pull all of these together, we can improve ourselves and help others. Give a gift that changes people's hearts.

Where can we find you online?





Facebook: Renewing Time and Loraine’s Digital Designs

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