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Meet Carter Fielding!

book bazaar featured author Nov 19, 2022

Come meet Carter Fielding and browse their books at our Online Holiday Book Bazaar November 1st-30th 2022! Click here to check it out!


Tell us about your books! What do you love to write about?

The Blake Sister Travel Mysteries is a series set in locations around the world that these two sisters visit for work—and they almost always stumble upon a body. While I like the travel aspect of writing these mysteries because they capture the history, culture and food of each country, I am most taken in by the sisters themselves. They have grown so much in the couple years that I’ve been writing about them. They are people I would like to meet and get to know, and that is gratifying as a writer to still be intrigued by your characters.


What inspired you to get started as an author?

Covid boredom. I had read stacks of cozy mysteries during lockdown and decided to try my hand at writing one. Friends liked it enough to ask for more and the series was launched. I am learning so much about an industry that is so different from the banking and consulting sectors that I worked in previously.

What are your favorite books to read?

Almost any cozy mystery is going to feel right at home in my hands. I especially like those that have a historical period setting. I learn so much about the times in historical fiction. I will admit to being the geek who reads the footnotes.


For shoppers holiday shopping for their loved ones, tell us who are your book(s) for?

If you are a cozy reader with a bit of wanderlust, you’ll enjoy the Blake Sisters series. Meet new people in distant places.  Get to know Finley and Whitt and the people that they love. Follow the Blake sisters as they travel the world and stumble upon corpses in the most unusual places! The boxed set that we are launching in December adds some short stories and bonus chapters to the three novels that are out, filling in some back story, adding a little adventure—and romance-- here and there.

What’s the message you want to get out to people this Holiday Season?

The Blake sisters want you to spread a little joy and kindness this holiday season. We really are blessed in so many ways. However hard we think we have had it this past year, there is always someone struggling a bit more. Let’s let kindness be the balm for troubled souls this season. When I was little, Joy to the World was my favorite Christmas carol—in large part because it was my grandfather’s favorite. I guess it still is special to me because of the message.


Where can we find you online?

Hope you’ll visit me—and the Blake sisters—at   Throw in your suggestions for where you want the sisters to go next. I’d love to hear from you. Talk soon!

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